On-Cycle Payroll Process Timeline - Daily Timeline
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Day 7 (Saturday) - Seventh Day After The End Of The Pay Period

Leave Accrual
The leave accrual process is run. The leave accrual process updates employee sick, vacation, and other leave balances. The report BEN007, Leave Accruals, is centrally generated and can be accessed from the agency's MVS mailbox.

Agency Payroll by Budgetary Account
The report KPAYWAGE, Agency Payroll by Budgetary Account, is centrally generated and put in the agency's MVS mailbox. This report is also available after the Monday and Wednesday off-cycle runs.

View Direct Deposit Information
You can view paycheck direct deposit distribution information on-line using the Review Paycheck pages. Access these pages as follows: Main Menu>Payroll for North America>Payroll Processing USA>Produce Payroll>Review Paycheck. These pages are discussed later in this chapter in "Paycheck Data Available On-Line".

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