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Job Title:   Advanced Practice Regstr Nurse

County:   Miami

Req. No:   185293

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:

Job Summary: The incumbent will be expected to meet regularly with patients for the purposes of completing medical & psychiatric assessments, diagnosing and prescribing treatments & treatment plans, and developing discharge plans upon completion of treatment.  The incumbent will be responsible for the general care and treatment of a patient unit and may assist in covering other patient units as needed.  Some evening, weekend and/or on-call work may be required


Job Description:

Clinical Services: Carries out medical and psychiatric examinations for patients at the time of admission.  Prescribes initial treatment and diagnostic procedures.  Communicates with other involved staff members regarding patient’s needs.  Explains to the patients all prescriptions and procedures; including benefits and risks.  Participates in hospital-wide OD rotation.  Work is reviewed on a regular basis by a peer review process.  Interprets data, discriminates between normal and abnormal findings and, in consultation with the responsible physician, initiates appropriate treatments.  Initiates and manages treatment modalities.  Collaborates with the responsible physician in initial evaluations, psychotherapy, medication evaluations and administrative tasks associated with coordination of patients’ care.


Medical and Psychiatric Care: Evaluates patients’ responses to, and side effects from, medications.  Makes patient rounds, performs monthly rewrites, admits/discharges patients and transmits prescription orders according to protocol.  Demonstrates knowledge of psychopharmacological agents, concurrent health problems and complex interactions between behavior, emotional, physiological and psychopharmacological agents.  Facilitates patient responsibility and accountability in psychopharmacological treatment.


Patient Medical Record: Documents in the patient records as required by accrediting agencies and hospital policy/procedures, the treatment prescribed and the patient’s progress.  Documents medical and psychiatric changes, noting changes in medication and justification for such.  Documents assessment of abnormal laboratory reports.  Documents justification for use of seclusion/restraint.  Documents condition of patients received from another unit.  Reviews and rewrites medication and treatment orders as indicated, or as needed to meet patient’s needs.  Timeliness and adequacy of the documentation is reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals by the supervisor.


Continuing Education/Meetings:  Attends and participates in treatment planning meetings and/or forensic staffing and court hearings regarding assigned patients, as well as attending and participating in daily staff meetings as scheduled.  Attends other committee meetings as assigned and actively participates in Medical Staff Conferences, Department meetings, OSH CME’s and Quality Improvement activities.  Educates patients in health maintenance, prevention and treatment interventions, including psychopharmacologic treatments.  Facilitates education of staff through teaching, role modeling and serving as a resource person.  Participates in weekly supervision with physician.  Maintains outcome data, including time study of activities in patient care, volume indices, liaison activities, evaluation forms and letters from staff and consumers, updated curriculum vitaed, annual goals and objective and consumer education materials developed.


Other Duties as Assigned:  Completes special projects and performs other duties as assigned including but not limited to ensuring the agency is adequately staffed during and immediately following natural and/or manmade disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and/or acts of terrorism. Assists other employees in the work unit in accomplishing assignments as necessary.




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Name: Tammy Griffin                                     

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