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Job Title:   Psychologist

County:   Miami

Req. No:   187216

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:


Job Summary: The specific contributions of forensic psychologists at this facility include providing initial and ongoing assessment and treatment to patients committed for court ordered competency to stand trial restoration as well as those adjudicated as Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect. Report writing is a significant component of the position and includes both competency reports and annual reports related to patient requests for Conditional Release.  

The position also requires completion of general psychologist duties which include consulting with treatment team members regarding treatment planning and management of behavior; assisting teams with developing, writing and revising treatment plans; maintaining a therapeutic environment; crisis intervention; therapeutic interventions (such as individual and group therapy); evaluating psychological functioning utilizing a variety of tests to assess cognitive and personality functioning as well as risk for violence and self-harm; writing psychological test reports; and writing reports for the courts. Psychologists work closely with and may supervise the clinicians within their particular program and also provide oversight for the range of treatment and therapeutic interventions of the patients assigned to their team. 

Job Description: Psychotherapy: Provide individual, group, and family psychotherapy to reduce symptoms/distress, educate the patient, and facilitate placement in the community.  Provide crisis intervention.  In designing and providing therapies, the incumbent is mindful of how psychotherapy complements other therapies and the hospital’s philosophy of short-term treatment.  Documentation of these services is meaningful and timely.


Psychological Evaluations and Court Reports: Contribute to the treatment team’s understanding of patients through psychological evaluations.  These evaluations may be required for one or more of the following or other reasons: establish differential diagnosis, measure intellectual functioning, determine cognitive impairment, or risk of self-harm.  Psychological evaluations utilize a range of assessment techniques to evaluate the individual’s personality, behavioral, and intellectual functioning depending upon the questions posed and the functional status of the individual.  Evaluations are completed in accordance with the hospital procedures and professional / ethical guidelines.  Findings are communicated in a timely manner through staff conferences, direct feedback to patients, court testimony (when requested), and written reports.

Teamwork/Treatment Planning: Provide clinical leadership to the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team (IDT) and Psychological and Therapy Services (PTS) team.  Conduct meetings with PTS team to discuss treatment needs of individual patients.  Plan individualized treatment for patients in the program and write treatment plans.  Coordinate plans with IDT and monitor the effectiveness of chosen interventions.  Revise and rewrite treatment plans as needed.  Work with the IDT to educate patients regarding psychiatric disorders, treatment, diet and fitness, and self-care.  Document observations and treatment plans in a clear, complete, legible, and timely manner so that this information is useful to other staff.  Attend and participate in service and program meetings.  Provide consultation and training to professional and direct care staff in order to improve treatment services.  Participate in program development and evaluation using current psychological knowledge.

Therapeutic Environment: Provide leadership in defining and maintaining the therapeutic environment on the incumbent’s ward / program.  Schedule time throughout the week to work closely with nursing staff on the unit to observe and participate in the therapeutic environment, model therapeutic interactions, and serve as a resource for direct care staff through formal and informal training.

Supervision: Provide supervision of clinical therapists, peer specialists and clinical support staff, within the assigned treatment program(s), which includes reviewing psychological evaluations and evaluating the appropriateness and effectiveness of individual/group therapeutic interventions using current standards of psychological practice.  Provide administrative assistance to the Psychology Supervisor in the following areas: recruitment and selection of psychologists, employee evaluations, leave requests, orientation of new employees, and communication of supervisees’ needs or problems.


Qualifications: A doctoral degree in psychology.  Experience working with forensic populations including competency to stand trial and not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect (NGRI).

Preferred Criteria: Two (2) years of supervised experience as a psychologist.  Two (2) years of experience supervising other psychologists.  Experience working in an inpatient forensic setting.  Experience in working with an Interdisciplinary Team.  (Experience may have been obtained as part of the coursework toward completion of the doctoral degree.) 


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