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Job Title:   Licensed Practical Nurse Triage

County:   Miami

Req. No:   187615

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:

Job Summary - Coordinate with hospitals, mental health facilities and others deemed necessary to receive information, review and determine level of care needed for admission requests.  As a triage LPN, it is necessary to have sharp critical thinking skills to analyze received paperwork to determine diagnosis, current level of harm to self or others, medical need and process information in a timely manner to develop a list of patients for admission to the hospital based upon need, availability and acuity.

Job Description - Orders medication refills and restocks items in medication room to ensure adequate supplies by following Pharmacy/Nursing procedures. Documents pertinent information on Patient Care System and WinPharm, etc., to meet standards. Documentation provides communication related directly to patients' Treatment Plan, Initial Nursing Care Plan, response to treatment, progress toward discharge, special checks, behavioral/physical observations, etc.  This requires the ability to write clear, concise, accurate narratives. Is results-oriented to maintain high quality patient care that is correctly recorded. Provides basic nursing care to patients unable to meet their needs of daily living.  Performs basic nursing tasks to enable assessment of patient's condition.  Uses observational skills.  Takes vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure) accurately and reports any unusual occurrences or abnormalities to the Registered Nurse (R.N.) according to Hospital and Service standards.  Administers medication/treatments accurately and timely and documents such to insure quality patient care by adherence to Nursing Service policies and procedures as evidenced by Performance Improvement and Risk Management/Peer Review reports and findings.  Reports effectiveness of medications and/or any untoward effect of medication to prevent patient harm as well as any unintended or unpredictable effects to maximize patient treatment by informing R.N. and through documentation in the Patient Care System and WinPharm System.  Evaluates patient's need for p.r.n. medication prior to contacting R.N. by doing a preliminary assessment of patient.Checks and transcribes physician’s orders accurately and timely to ensure patient safety and limit the opportunity for errors. Gives specialized care (i.e., monitors oxygen administration, catheterization, gastric suctioning, etc.) as ordered by the physician.  Observes the patients to detect and/or report significant, potentially aggressive or unusual behavior(s).  This requires knowledge of and ability to recognize characteristics of mentally ill behavior(s) and utilizes good judgment. Provides appropriate feedback concerning patient care issues to members of treatment team. Maintains daily e-mail access to receive communication from nursing department and others, providing expected follow-up. Complies with OSH and Program policies, procedures and nursing standards. Attends and provides input to unit treatment team meetings and staff meetings as assigned. Participates in staff development and meets individual learning needs, to include required computer based training. Mentors other staff by providing individual supports and training. Demonstrates willingness to learn new concepts and a positive attitude by working cooperatively in a team process. Demonstrates caring and respectful communication to all internal.

Qualifications: Must possess current Driver’s License, CPR and CPI certifications.Must be able to lift 30 lbs.Must be self-motivated, display positive attitude, and able to adjust to patient and hospital needs. Able to work with minimal supervision and complete tasks timely.


Must possess current Kansas LPN license and maintain license in good standing.



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Name: Becky Vail                                            Agency Information

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