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Job Title:   Gen Maint And Repair Tech Sr

County:   Miami

Req. No:   188095

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:

Job Summary: This position is responsible for maintaining the hospital grounds.  In addition, this individual will be responsible for maintaining and repairing components of the physician plant.


Job Description:    Performs grounds maintenance activities - which involves care of lawns, trees, shrubs, flower beds and planters.  (Such activities involve grass cutting, tree pruning, planting, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, spraying, removal of damaged trees and pest control.)  Must have the ability to exercise good judgment and make decisions independently with minimal guidance from supervisor.  Must work in a safe manner.  Must utilize clear thinking and be alert to any unsafe conditions, faulty equipment, and other on-the-job hazards and report to supervisor. Sprays chemicals to control weeds. Will operate chain saw, trimming trees, removing dead trees, and utilizing the stump router to remove stumps.  Will operate posthole digger when planting trees and shrubs and in constructing and/or mending fences as needed.  Will operate a tractor with all attachments; bucket, blade, spreaders, mowers, push mover, weed eater, roto-tiller, and hedge trimmer in maintaining grounds, lawns and hedges.  Will assist with seedling of newly constructed lawns and rake leaves using power leaf rake or by hand as needed. Maintains and repairs grounds equipment to ensure equipment is safe and in good working order. Reviews work orders received from supervisor or designee and conducts on-site inspection.  In case of major breakdown or complex troubleshooting situations, contacts supervisor.  If need to shut down area or equipment, immediately notifies the area supervisor.  Maintains and makes repairs to buildings and equipment, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, floors, cabinets, shelves, stool partitions, lighting, outlets, to ensure safe and aesthetic environment.  Makes repairs utilizing safe practices in an efficient manner.  May serve as lead on tasks. Will operate tractor with blade and truck with sand spreader to remove snow and/or ice from streets, sidewalks and building entrances as needed.  Will operate other equipment utilized in removal of snow and ice.  Will ensure that ice melt is available at all buildings for other staff to use as needed.  Must remain flexible in work schedule during inclement weather months to ensure proper coverage, training and equipment maintenance in order to keep streets, sidewalks and building entrances safe. Participates in training program for Grounds Department to ensure safe use of equipment and any hazardous materials.  Attends other required. Completes special projects and performs other duties as assigned including but not limited to ensuring the agency is adequately staffed during and immediately following natural and/or manmade disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and/or acts of terrorism. Assists other employees in the work unit in accomplishing assignments as necessary.

Preferred Criteria: At least two years of building maintenance experience with related equipment usage.


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Name: Rebecca Vail                                                           Agency Information

Phone: 913-755-7106                                      &nb

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