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Job Title:   Facilities Specialist

County:   Miami

Req. No:   188145

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:

Job Summary: This position involves work of a general nature in Facility Services with specialty skills in HVAC and may serve as a team leader or project lead worker.

Job Description: HEATING:   Perform mechanical and electrical work to install, service, repair, rebuild and maintain heating equipment to include air handlers, blowers, motors, variable air volume (VAV) boxes, dampers, fan coil units, manual and automatic steam, hot water and gas valves, circulating pumps, piping, insulation, duct work, and related pneumatic, electric and electronic controls in order to make effective repairs.  Check systems for worn belts, noisy bearings, dirty coils, proper air flow, adequate fresh air supply, and proper mixed air and hot and cold deck temperatures.  Adjust or replace system components to ensure systems operate reliably and efficiently. Perform preventive maintenance when scheduled. AIR CONDITIONING:   Install, service, repair, rebuild and maintain air-conditioning equipment to include compressors, condensers, cooling towers, circulating pumps, air handlers, coils, expansion valves, motors, blowers, fan coil units, VAVs, dampers, contractors, and related electric, pneumatic, and electronic controls.  Assemble and connect pipe and refrigerant lines.  Test for acid content in compressor oil. Check for leaks and repair before charging system.     Perform preventive maintenance as scheduled and other duties as assigned. VENTILATION: Install, service, repair and maintain ventilation throughout hospital. REFRIGERATED FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT:   Install, service, repair, rebuild and maintain refrigerated food service equipment such as walk-in and reach-in freezers and coolers, ice machines, cold plates, water fountains, and domestic refrigerators.  Make adjustments to expansion valves, thermostats, pressure switches and regulators, timers and defrost controls to keep systems operating reliably and efficiently.  Clean condensers, evaporators and condensate pans.  Repair or replace compressors, motors and pumps as required in order to make effective repairs.  Perform preventive maintenance as scheduled, handle multiple demands, shifting priorities as needed.  Install, service, repair, rebuild and maintain ancillary equipment to include control air compressors, refrigerated air dryers, recycle/reclaim machine and other related shop tools and equipment. GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Review work orders received from supervisor or designee and conducts on-site inspection.  In case of major breakdown or complex troubleshooting situations, contacts supervisor.  If need to shut down area or equipment, immediately notifies the area supervisor.  Maintains and makes repairs to buildings and equipment, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, floors, cabinets, shelves, stool partitions, lighting, outlets, to ensure safe and aesthetic environment.  Assists with various projects to include, but not limited to, painting, drywall repair, carpentry, electrical work. TRAINING: Attend training offered at the hospital as well as workshops and seminars sponsored by vendors and suppliers to keep abreast of new products and methods.

Preferred Criteria: Five years experience in mechanical or building trades. Two (2) years HVAC experience preferred. Must obtain a EPA certification universal license for refrigerant within 90 days of hire. Must possess a valid driver’s license.


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Name: Rebecca Vail                                          Agency Information

Phone: 913-755-7106                                        O

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