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Job Title:   Facilities Specialist

County:   Miami

Req. No:   188146

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:

Job Summary: This position involves work of a general nature in Facility Services with specialty skills in plumbing and may serve as a team leader or project lead worker.

Job Description: PLUMBING FIXTURES: Maintain, repair, and install plumbing fixtures, faucets, valves, fittings, bath and shower facilities, water heaters, and related equipment in order to return them to new or serviceable condition by removing, disassembling and replacing damaged or worn out parts. Flushes water mains, hydrants, and valves, and hot water tanks. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance and check showers and faucets for leaks, sinks and tubs for missing stoppers, inspecting and servicing plumbing in unoccupied areas (e.g. adding water to traps).  Participate in develop and ongoing completion of preventative maintenance plan. TEAM and HEATING SYSTEMS: Maintains steam systems by replacing and repairing defective radiators, steam traps, electronic control valves, pneumatic control valves, and pressure-regulating valves in order to avoid down time on systems. Maintain gas lines, valves, regulators, and gas-fired furnaces and heaters by troubleshooting, adjusting and/or disassembling and replacing worn or damaged parts to put equipment back in service. Complete preventive maintenance as scheduled. SEWAGE SYSTEMS: Maintain sewage collection systems, 3 lift stations, water and hot water distribution systems by cleaning sewer lines and manholes, lines and valves in order to avoid clogged drains and traps and maintain operation of restrooms and floor drains.  Run multiple types of sewer augers. PUMPS: Install new pump equipment and repair existing automatic fire sprinkler systems water, circulatory, feedwater, condensate and sump pumps by replacing defective bearings, seals, packing, shafts, impellers and other pump parts to avoid mechanical down time. Complete preventive maintenance as scheduled. PIPING SYSTEMS: Repair or replace water, sewer, air, oil and gas lines by cutting, threading, and connecting pipe, bend, measure, fit and solder tubing; join cast iron pipe to make leak-prof joints. FOOD AND NUTRITION SERVICES and LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT: Install new equipment in kitchens (including patient kitchens) and the Laundry.  Maintain and repair existing commercial food services and laundry equipment by removing, disassembling and replacing damaged or worn-out parts in order to restore them to serviceable condition. Complete scheduled preventive maintenance on this equipment. GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Review work orders received from supervisor or designee and conducts on-site inspection.  In case of major breakdown or complex troubleshooting situations, contacts supervisor.  If need to shut down area or equipment, immediately notifies the area supervisor.  Maintains and makes repairs to buildings and equipment, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, floors, cabinets, shelves, stool partitions, lighting, outlets, to ensure safe and aesthetic environment.  Assists with various projects to include, but not limited to, painting, drywall repair, carpentry, electrical work. TRAINING: Attend training offered at the hospital as well as workshops and seminars sponsored by vendors and suppliers to keep abreast of new products and methods.

Preferred Criteria: Five (5) years experience in mechanical or building trades.  Education may be substituted for experience. Two (2) years plumbing experience preferred. Must possess a valid driver’s license.


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