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Job Title:   Program Manager

County:   Miami

Req. No:   188316

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:

Job Summary -  This position provides the overall leadership and supervision for a treatment program consisting of psychiatric patients in need of ongoing treatment for acute, severe & persistent mental illness. The incumbent works directly with patients and staff to ensure that treatment needs are being addressed and that all appropriate standards are being maintained or exceeded. This involves all aspects of treatment from admission assessments through discharge planning and follow-up. With staff, duties include setting goals and documenting performance, coordinating quality of care reviews with discipline leaders, and scheduling staff to ensure coverage throughout all shifts. The incumbent also works with Human Resources to recruit, hire, train and retain staff.

Job Description - The Behavioral Health Program Manager - Develops, implements, maintains, and evaluates a treatment program with assistance and involvement from the rest of the team.  Coordinates and schedules team meetings to review patients’ progress in treatment, to formalize and revise treatment plans, and to discharge patients.  Works with staff to provide treatment offerings that assist patients in reaching treatment goals and being able to return to the community.  Works with staff to establish and maintain a cohesive set of treatment offerings that are provided in a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere.  Provides direction and overall supervision to the program treatment team, with particular emphasis for the clinical therapist and discharge planners, but it includes physicians, nurses and others assigned or working with the program.  Evaluates the work of staff in an ongoing manner and provides a written annual evaluation in conjunction with departmental supervisors.  Coordinates the staffing and work schedules for staff assigned to the program. Provides leadership in defining and maintaining the therapeutic environment within the program.  Provides staff training, both formal and informal, as needed in order to improve treatment services. Works closely with the discharge planners to coordinate discharge planning for patients in the program, utilizing the assistance of clinical therapists and others to identify appropriate placements, locate community resources, housing, and services.  Coordinates with community mental health centers and other agencies in setting up and formalizing discharge plans. Monitors the efforts of staff to put discharge plans in place and assists them in getting these done in a timely manner. Maintain licensure in clinical field as required by the State of Kansas.  Completes special projects and performs other duties as assigned including but not limited to insuring the agency is adequately staffed during and immediately following natural and/or manmade disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and/or acts of terrorism. Assists other employees in the work unit in accomplishing assignments as necessary.

Minimum Requirements: At the time of appointment, the candidate must have a license or temporary license to practice at the independent, clinical level as a Psychologist, Social Worker, Professional Counselor or Masters Level Psychologist.  At least two years of experience managing or directing a program is preferred.  At least five years of experience working in the behavioral health field with individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental illness or with an inpatient psychiatric population is preferred.  


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Name: Rebecca Vail                                          Agency Information

Phone: 913-755-7106                             

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