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Job Title:   Dietitian

County:   Miami

Req. No:   189694

Agency Name:   Osawatomie State Hospital

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Job Description:

Job Summary: Osawatomie is currently looking for a Dietitian. This position includes nutritional assessment, nutritional diagnosis, recommendations for nutrition prescription, patient education, and follow up care of inpatient population. It involves direct patient care and coordination with medical and interdisciplinary staff as well as working as a liaison to Food Services Department to help ensure correct provision of the nutrition prescription based on the individual needs of the patient. Meeting the patients’ individual nutritional needs is achieved in collaboration with Interdisciplinary Program staff, Food Service Department, Medical staff and Nutrition Services.

Job Description: Will complete Nutritional Assessments are completed for patients whose medical history triggers a need for nutritional intervention and/or as ordered by the physician within the designated time frames to complete. Evaluate effectiveness of the nutritional care plan. Clarifies nutrition prescriptions to assure accuracy in transcribing from physician’s order. Provides cooks and food service staff with information and instructions through diet cards or other reference material to educate staff on the patient’s nutritional needs. Develops specialized & individualized modified diet menus not available on the menu guide system. Communicates with Food Service Director special food items to purchase that are required to meet individualized and/or diet modification and nutritional needs. Communicates individualized food preferences, cultural/religious food requests, and other special needs or desires to add to the diet card system. Keeps the team, program staff, and food service staff appraised of nutritional concerns for individual patients. Educate patients on an individual basis on recommended nutrition therapy, healthy lifestyles, and other educational needs. Educates patients and family as a group as requested by treatment team members.  Interprets and incorporates new scientific knowledge into practice and education. Provides written or oral instruction to patients, family, or responsible people in the community regarding special needs during hospitalization, temporary visits, and after care. Conducts group sessions for patients on topics such as nutrition, healthy lifestyles, diabetes, cholesterol control, weight reduction or gain, sodium control, texture modification, food safety, etc. Documents provisions of patient education either in group or individual sessions. Evaluate the effectiveness of patient and/or family education and any follow up required. 

Minimum Requirements: Registered with The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


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Name: Rebecca Vail                                       Agency Information

Phone: 913-755-7106                                     Osawatomie State Hospital

FAX: 913-755-7408                                       500 State Hospital Dr.

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