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Time and Labor: Payable Time Extract - KTL109


This report is an extract of data from the Payable Time Table for the pay period specified. NOTE: There is no .pdf for this report. Instead a .dat Flat File (Results in a fixed width file that can be imported into a spreadsheet or database) is created.

When importing the .dat flat file into Excel, choose the following:

  • Delimited
  • Semicolon
  • Text (for lengthy fields, such as Combo Code)

For one employee:

  • Pay Period End Date
  • Empl ID
  • Empl Rcd Nbr

For one department or department group:

  • Pay Period End Date
  • Department
  • Department Group ID

(Note: All fields from the Payable Time Table display on the report; just a few are listed below)

  • Department ID
  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Record Number
  • Date Under Report (DUR)
  • Time Reporting Code (TRC)/TRC Description
  • TL Quantity (Hours/ Amount per DUR)
  • Payable Status/ Payable Status Description
  • Taskgroup
  • Combo Code
  • All Project Costing and General Ledger Chartfields
  • Empl ID
  • Date Under Report (DUR)

Time and Labor> Reports>Payable Time Extract