Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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General Accounting

STARS Electronic Deposit

Electronic Deposit of Payments to Vendors - Overview

  • Vendors interested in having their payments electronically deposited must complete a STARS Electronic Deposit form (DA-130) and return it to Central Accounting Services Section for processing. This includes state employees receiving payments for travel expenses.
  • DA-130 forms submitted to Central Accounting Services for processing must contain the following information for processing to be completed:

    • The vendor's tax ID number, name, and address
    • The bank's ABA number, and
    • The vendor's bank account number

    We recommend that a voided check or deposit slip accompany the DA-130.

  • Agencies should convey to their vendors that signing and submitting a DA-130 form authorizes all state agencies to electronically deposit funds to the vendor's account.
  • The electronic deposit feature will be immediately available for use once that information has been added to the STARS vendor file.
  • To utilize the electronic deposit feature, an "X" must be placed in the Payment Indicator Field next to the vendor information on the payment voucher.
  • Agencies may add electronic deposit information when they are adding a new vendor number in the vendor edit table, but the DA-130 form must be forwarded to Central Accounting Services Section. Changes can only be made by Accounts and Reports personnel.
  • To change banking information or cancel authorization for electronic deposit, another DA-130 form must be submitted with the appropriate information. We recommend that a voided check or deposit slip accompany the DA-130.
  • It is recommended that state travelers terminating employment with the State of Kansas (who have electronic deposit) cancel their authorization for electronic deposit to prevent unanticipated funds at a future date from being electronically deposited.
  • Employees who change any electronic deposit information (e.g., bank or account) must remember to initiate the changes for both STARS (DA-130) for travel and SHARP (DA-184) for paycheck.