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State of Kansas Paycard Program

The State of Kansas has partnered with Skylight to offer the Skylight ATM/Debit Card. The Skylight Card is an FDIC insured ATM/Debit based bank account in which pay can be deposited. Once deposited, money can be accessed immediately at VISA-member banks and ATM's nationwide. Also, the Skylight ATM Card can be used to make purchases at any retail location where PIN and signature-based debit card transactions are accepted. Best of all, it is a personal bank account and monthly statements listing all account activity will be available for the employee.

The program includes issuing "Instant Issue Card Packs" provided by Skylight. The paycard will be included in these card packs. The agencies/employee will access an on-line enrollment on the Skylight website and enter card information and necessary employee information. When saved the account will be registered with Skylight, the employee will have an account number, a voided check will print out for the agency to use to complete our direct deposit form which they will then enter in SHARP (or Regents) and an authorization form will print that the employee will sign and the agency will forward to Skylight Financial. The employee will follow the instructions on the card to establish a PIN prior to the first deposit. The paycard will be activated with the first direct deposit.

Employees can access their pay in multiple ways. See Cardholder Fee Summary for details (.pdf). All accounts are individual FDIC bank accounts and can be used for credit references and other deposits. The paycard is portable. That is, if the employee leaves state employment the card goes with them and they can continue to use it with another employer. State of Kansas has no liability or costs associated with this Program.

Contact Information:

Skylight Paycard Program Contact Information (.pdf)

State of Kansas Paycard Questions: (785) 296-3887

Additional Employer Information:

Announcement Memo to Agencies from Secretary Goossen (.pdf) - Memo dated May 21, 2010 announcing State of Kansas Paycard Program to agency heads and human resource/payroll officers.

Division of Accounts and Reports Informational Circular 10-P-026 – Implementation of 100% Electronic Payment for State of Kansas Payroll.

Division of Accounts and Reports Informational Circular 11-P-005 Implementation of 100% Electronic Payment Policy for State of Kansas Payroll and Paycards.

Sample Employee Letter (.pdf) - A sample letter promoting direct deposit and the Skylight debit card to employees. Agencies can use as promotional material to give to the employee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) (.pdf) - A list of frequently asked questions and answers for agencies about the Skylight debit card account.

Skylight Financial On-Line Enrollment Guide (.pdf) – Information regarding on-line enrollment for Skylight Financial On-Line Enrollment website.

www.skylightfinancial.com - Skylight Financial On-Line Enrollment.

Skylight One Materials for Distribution: Materials provided to promote the Skylight paycard

Frequently ask Questions (.pdf)

Poster (.pdf)

Bi-Fold (.pdf)

Handout (.pdf)

Enrollment Guide (.pdf)

Form DA-184 (.xls)

Additional Employee Information:

Electronic Payroll Options Powerpoint Presentation - A presentation of the electronic payroll options for employees of the State of Kansas

Skylight Benefits Handout (.pdf) - A brief summary of the benefits of a Skylight debit card account.

Cardholder Fee Summary (.pdf) - Detailed list of account fees.

Online Banking Registration Instructions (.pdf) - Register for on-line access to manage your account.

VISA Member Bank Teller Service Memo (.pdf)– Information to assist with completing cash withdrawals via bank teller at a VISA member bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) (.pdf) for Employees - A list of frequently asked questions and answers for employees about the Skylight debit card account.

Employee Enrollment Information - A brief explanation of steps to open a Skylight debit card account.

http://www.skylightonecard.com (.pdf) - Skylight Financial web site for obtaining a list of surcharge free ATM's. Click on Find ATM. The 8-digit demo card number for access is 5027 1599.

Form DA-184 (.pdf) – Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay and/or Employee Travel