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Regents Paycheck Reprint Procedures
Effective With SHARP v8.0

The Regents paycheck reprint process is used to replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed paycheck. The following outlines the process and procedure to be followed by Regents' agencies to receive a reprinted paycheck upon implementation of SHARP v8.0.

  1. Verify that the paycheck has not been redeemed and place a stop payment on the paycheck before submitting a paycheck reprint file

      Agencies can verify the status of a paycheck by calling the State Treasurer's Office after 11:00 a.m. daily at (785) 296-4150. The status of a paycheck can also be verified by accessing the State Treasurer's Office web site at:


      Agencies are advised that there is a lag time of approximately 36 hours before the Web page is updated. Any paycheck found to be unredeemed on the web page must also be verified via telephone with the State Treasurer's Office to be sure of the check's current status.
      If the paycheck has not been redeemed, the State Treasurer's Office will place a temporary stop on the paycheck at the agency's request via a telephone call to (785) 296-4150. The agency may telephone the State Treasurer's Office to remove this stop payment if the payee receives or finds the paycheck before the agency processes form DA-6P, Paycheck Stop Payment Request.

      To place a stop payment on a paycheck, agencies must fax a completed form DA-6P, Paycheck Stop Payment Request to the State Treasurer's Office at (785) 296-0214, Attention: Warrant Section. Click here for a copy of the DA-6P form in either .pdf or Excel format. A separate form must be completed for each Paycheck Reprint to be processed. The funding for the check will always be the Regents' Payroll Clearing Fund net pay account (AGY-98XX-FY-9100*).

      The approved form DA-6P will be faxed back to the agency. After receiving the approved Paycheck Stop Payment Request from the State Treasurer's Office, the agency can then submit the paycheck reprint file.

      *The index code for KUMC is 9800.
  2. Submit a paycheck reprint file.

    1. Reprint requests must be submitted on a separate file from all other payroll activity.
    2. A distinct naming convention must be used for the file name. The first four digits of the file name must be 'KRPT'; all other existing file naming conventions remain unchanged.
    3. The ADJ_TYPE field on the Employee Header Record (RCD_TYPE '010') must be 'REPRNT'.
    4. The PAYMENT_METHOD field on the Employee Header Record must be 'R' (reprint).
    5. The PAYCHECK_NBR field on the Employee Header Record must be the original paycheck number of the paycheck to be reprinted.
    6. All other information for each REC_TYPE should be the same as the information originally submitted for the paycheck being reprinted.
    7. No RCD_TYPE '075' (Employee Direct Deposit records) should be included on the reprint file.
    8. Paycheck reprint files will be processed on the same schedule as off-cycle payrolls (ie., generally, every Monday and every other Wednesday night). The reprint paychecks will have the same issue date as the off-cycle paychecks for that same cycle.
    9. Reprinted paychecks will be mailed to the address contained on the Employee Header Record unless the CENTRAL_MAIL field on this same record is 'N'.
    10. Edits will be added to the KREGPAY1 process to verify:

      • if the ADJ_TYPE = 'REPRNT', the file name must begin with 'KRPT',
      • if the file name begins with 'KADJ' or 'KREG', the ADJ_TYPE cannot = 'REPRNT',
      • if the ADJ_TYPE = 'REPRNT', no '075' record types are included on the file.

    No edits can be added to prevent an agency from processing a paycheck reprint prior to receiving validation from the State Treasurer's Office that the stop payment has been placed on the paycheck. It is the agency's responsibility to ensure that the stop payment procedures have been correctly followed prior to submitting the paycheck reprint file. Failure to correctly follow procedures could result in the issuance of an unfunded paycheck.

  3. Verify the replacement paycheck number.

    1. Once the paycheck reprint file has been successfully processed, a warrant register will be created which contains the replacement paycheck number. In addition, a 'CHECK_NUM' file will be created and placed in the agency's MVS mailbox; the 'CHECK_NUM' file includes the replacement check number (and replacement issue date) along with the original check number. The reprinted paycheck number and check issue date should be entered on the DA-6P. The Paycheck Stop Payment Request form should be maintained by the agency for the current fiscal year and then destroyed in accordance with the General Retention and Disposition Schedule of the Kansas State Records Management Manual.