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Questions and Answers About the Payroll Direct Deposit Program

1.  What exactly is the Direct Deposit Program? 

Direct Deposit is also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). It is the transfer of funds from the State of Kansas account to an individual employee's checking or savings accounts at a participating bank, savings and loan association or credit union. The term bank is used generically in this brochure to describe any bank, savings and loan association or credit union.

2.  Must I participate in the Direct Payroll Deposit Program

Effective Oct. 1, 2010 all active State of Kansas employees are required to use electronic payment to receive payroll and travel and expense payments. Employees can be paid using traditional direct deposit to a checking or savings account or a payroll paycard.

3.  Are there any costs to my participating in Direct Deposit? 

No; the program is offered as a service to employees.

4.  How long does it take to start or change the Direct Deposit of my pay? 

Sign up is accomplished by completing a Form DA-184 "Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay." Employees should allow time for direct deposit information to be entered by Agency Personnel into SHARP before the final payroll cutoff. Payments received thereafter should be direct deposit. For a Friday pay date, cutoff is generally the previous Friday. Payroll cutoff dates will vary for holiday schedules and for Regent employees.

5.  Is it possible to have a portion of my check put into my savings account and the balance in my checking account? 

Yes, you may designate up to a maximum of nine direct deposit accounts. These may be at multiple banks and/or multiple accounts within a bank and can include payments to a payroll paycard. You may indicate a percent of net pay or a dollar amount for each one.

6.  How will this affect my current payroll deductions, as for group insurance premium, U.S. Savings Bonds, KanElect, etc.? 

These deductions will remain the same unless you make a change.

7.  How do I know my pay has been deposited and how much was deposited? 

Employees may view their paycheck data through the Employee Self Service Center web site, located at http://www.kansas.gov/employee/.

Paychecks may be viewed on the Monday before a Friday pay date for on-cycle paychecks. Paycheck data processed in an off-cycle payroll run will be available the day after the off-cycle was completed. The net pay distribution on the View Paycheck screen will list up to eight accounts. Account numbers eight and nine (if applicable) will be totaled as "Other".

Because not all information is available in SHARP for Regents, pay advices for employees at Board of Regents Institutions will continue to be printed until the Regent implements their own self-service application.

8.  What is the earliest date I can make a cash withdrawal on the amount of the Direct Deposit? 

The same day as the Direct Deposit is made to your bank.

9.  What if my bank did not receive my Direct Deposit or the amount does not agree with the amount indicated on my Payroll Deposit Advice? 

This is highly unlikely; however, if it should occur, contact your agency Personnel Officer. They will initiate the appropriate action to correct the situation.

10. What if I decide to change banks. What do I have to do? 

Simply contact your agency Personnel Officer to complete a new authorization form.

11. Will all my checks be Direct Deposited? 

All payroll checks will be available for direct deposit.

12. How do make changes to my direct deposit accounts?

To make changes to your direct deposit instructions, Just fill out a new Form DA-184, direct deposit authorization form available at http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/pm/Forms/DA-184.pdf , and select Account Change. To stop payment to a specific account sign Section B: Cancellation and take it to your agency Personnel Officer. The cancellation will be effective on the next paycheck if processed by the payroll cutoff date. If you are closing your bank account, it is important to notify your agency Personnel officer first.

13. How will I know if my bank is a member of the Direct Deposit system? 

Most banks, credit unions or savings and loans are members of the Direct Deposit System. If you have a question, you should call your bank and ask if it is a member of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) who participates in Direct Deposit of Pay. If you are unable to get information from your bank, then call your agency Personnel Officer for assistance.

14. What if my bank is not a member of the Direct Deposit System? 

You may choose to move your account to a participating bank.

15. Can I join Direct Deposit at a later date? 

You must receive your payroll and travel and expense payments by either direct deposit or the payroll paycard. You may change your direct deposit instructions at any time in the future.

16. How will paychecks paid at termination be handled? 

Unless the direct deposit is cancelled, the final payroll check will be deposited on the regularly scheduled pay date.

17. The enrollment form asks for my checking or savings account number and my bank's transit number. How do I find that information? 

Checking and savings account numbers are normally noted at the bottom of checks and deposit slips as well as the nine digit transit number. In order to avoid confusion on properly recording your bank's transit number, your agency Personnel Officer will help you fill in this portion of the form by using a voided check for your checking account or a deposit slip for your savings account, or you could contact your bank for assistance. The voided check and/or savings deposit slip should be attached to the enrollment form. The account and transit numbers should be verified with your financial institution to determine that these are the correct numbers for ACH transactions.

18. What happens when the payday is a holiday payday? 

Payroll will be deposited every other Friday (or the closest preceding workday if Friday is a holiday).

19. What happens if I terminate employment and am subsequently rehired? 

You should complete a new Form DA-184, direct deposit authorization form available at http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/pm/Forms/DA-184.pdf to confirm your Direct Deposit instructions for this term of employment

20. Who should I contact if I have questions? 

You may contact your Agency Personnel Officer. If she or he cannot answer your questions, they will contact the Department of Administration, Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Services.