SAR352: Creating and Maintaining Deposits


Course Objectives

  • Explain the end-to-end process of deposits including key terms and user roles
  • Enter deposits with and without items
  • Create and finalize payment worksheets
  • Explain payment predictor
  • Enter deposits with overpayments and underpayments
  • Review deposit information



Delivery Method: On-the-job training – provided by agency.
Note to agency staff:  Please use the Training Guides to facilitate on-the-job training.  The Training Guides are located on the new SMART website at:



  • SGN101: Introduction to SMART
  • SAR150: Introduction to Accounts Receivables and Billing
  • SGN201: Introduction to Navigating in SMART
  • SRP202: Introduction to Reporting in SMART

Required Roles:

  • Agency Deposit Processor
  • Agency AR Administrator
  • Agency AR Interfund Processor
  • Agency AR Interfund Approver



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