There are two types of payroll reports based on the report generating method: centrally generated reports and agency generated reports.

Centrally generated reports are available from the agency's MVS mailbox by using file transfer protocol (FTP) software. The software currently used by the State is Core FTP Pro.

Agency generated reports can be requested by agency personnel directly from SHARP.

* denotes a request only report. Agencies must submit a request to the Office of General Services, Payroll Services Section to begin receiving these reports in their MVS mailbox.

Clicking the report link to display the descrition of the report.

Centrally Generated Reports

Agency Generated Reports


Report No.

Report Name


Report No.

Report Name

Blue Bullet KCARBEN1 Deferred Compensation Report Blue Bullet PAY005 Cost Center Report
Blue Bullet KPAY286B* Agency Extract Payroll Blue Bullet PAY006 Other Earnings Register
Blue Bullet PAY021 Employer Benefit Contributions/Deductions Blue Bullet PAY014 Employee Earnings Record
Blue Bullet PAY007 Deductions in Arrears Blue Bullet KPAY318 Year-to-Date Balances
Blue Bullet PAY008 Deductions not Taken      
Blue Bullet PAY001 Deduction Register      
Blue Bullet KPAY710 Department Budget Earnings      
Blue Bullet KPAY711 Department Positions and Budget Earnings      
Blue Bullet DDP002 Direct Deposit Register      
Blue Bullet PAY010 Employees Not Processed in Current Payroll      
Blue Bullet

KPAYGL6C -Dept. on Aging only)

General Ledger Extract      
Blue Bullet BEN007 Leave Accruals      
Blue Bullet KPAY228 MAP Health Benefit Adjustments and Refunds      
Blue Bullet KPAY329 No GHI Coverage Because No Paycheck Exists      
Blue Bullet KPAYOVTM Overtime Reporting File      
Blue Bullet DDP004 Payroll Advice Register      
Blue Bullet PAY004 Payroll Check Register      
Blue Bullet PAY011 Payroll Error Messages      
Blue Bullet PAY002 Payroll Register      
Blue Bullet KPAY303 Salary/Wage Breakdown by Classification File