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Default Group: The group that is initially set up by Accounts and Reports. Only group that is required.   The agency primary contact will initially be set up as the agency default group contact to receive default e-mails.  Once the primary contact sets up other users, another user can be designated to receive default e-mails if needed by the primary contact. 

Agency Supervisor: Can add groups to the agency or add users to any groups in the agency.  There can be more than one agency supervisor.  Agency supervisors can view all documents in the agency. For the agency supervisor to release or modify a document, the agency supervisor must be set up with the appropriate entry/release authorities in the group where the document was initiated or released to.

Groups: The agency supervisor can set up additional groups in the agency. Groups are generally areas of responsibility. To look at a voucher, you must have access to the group the voucher is in. If you transfer a voucher to a group you do not have access to, you will not see it on your waiting documents unless you are an agency supervisor.

Group Supervisor: Can add or delete users to/from the group, change the default contact of the group, and assign each user's authority level. Can also modify, activate, inactivate, or delete the group for which he/she is a supervisor. A group can have more than one group supervisor.

Group Default Contact: Each group has one person assigned as the main contact. System generated e-mails related to this group will go to this person.

 screen print from SOKI3 system

The Agencies and Contacts page is where you can look up agencies/users information and maintain groups and users profiles. The items listed below summarize the types of functions available and how to access them. The item number corresponds to the number shown on the graphic.

  1. Used to view a list of participating agencies or the group and contact information for each group within an agency.
  2. Used to look up phone numbers and e-mail addresses of SOKI3+ users - search by agency, group, operator ID, or operator name.
  3. Used to send e-mail to an agency/group or all users in all agencies.
  4. Used to modify the default group profile, change the agency default contact, turn on/off accepting on-line order, add new groups to the agency, designate a new or existing user to be the default contact of a new group, or specify the group contact's authorities.
  5. Used to modify a group profile: maintain the group information, attachment mailing address, and cover sheet information when the group is the "TO" group. Can also be used to delete, inactivate, or reactivate a group; change group default contact; add a new user to a group; or specify a user's authorities in a group.
  6. Used to modify a user profile: change a user's password (for the user only), e-mail address, or phone number; delete, inactivate, or reactivate a user.
  7. On-line help is available by clicking Help on the menu option or the Consult On-Line Help link at the lower left of every page page. On-line help includes Sign-up Forms, User Instruction Manual, SOKI3+ Test System, How Do I?, Upload File Formats, J.V. Type Code List, J.V. Trans Code Table List, and Project Outline. In How Do I?, users can click on links provided in the Contents and Index to view the paths and procedures to perform various tasks.

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