New Structure of Classes

New Class Title
Administrative Associate (3/10?2010) Update
Adminsitrative Law Judge
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Agricultural Technician
Agricultural Technician Senior
Certified Nurse Aide
Clinical Chaplain
Data Management Assistant
Data Management Technician
Extension Nutritional Assistant
Food Service Supervisor
Graphic Designer Professional
Historical Professional
Historical Professional Senior
Historical Support Assistant
Historical Technician
Librarian Senior
Librarian Technician
Librarian Technician Senior
Licensed Mental Health Technician
Licensed Practical Nurse
Media Arts Professional
Media Equipment Support Assistant
Medical Technologist
Mental Health/Developmental Disability Technician
Motor Carrier Inspector
Office Aide (3/10/2010) Update
Research Analyst
Research Assistant
Registered Nurse
Safety and Security Officer
Safety and Security Officer Supervisor
Seasonal Support Worker
Service Support Worker
Service Support Supervisor
Social Worker
Social Worker Supervisor
Veterinary Anesthesia Technician
Veterinary Technician
VIN Inspector
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Warehouse/Stores Technician


Current Class Titles Still Under Review
Administrative Law Judge

Chemical Dependency Counselor

Chemical Dependency Recovery Program Director

Coordinator of Children's Services

Custodial Manager
Developmental Disability Specialist
Director of Reference Library
Educatin Specialist
Food Service Manager
Grain Warehouse Examiner I
Grain Warehouse Examiner II
Grain Warehouse Examiner III
Human Service consultant
Human Service Specialist
Human Service Supervisor
Human Services Counselor (Non-Disability counselors)
Media Production Director
Nursing Education Specialist
Nursing Practice Specialist
Public Health Nurse I
Public Health Nurse II
Public Health Nurse III
Registered Nurse Administrator
Research Analyst IV
Research Analyst V
Safety and Security Chief
Speech Pathologist/Audiologist I
Speech Pathologist/Audiologist II

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